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This thing about seasons - no time like the present!

Growing up in Finland, once August hit; that summery feeling left. There were many reasons for that really, one of the big ones is historical: factories traditionally closed down for the month of July in Scandinavia to give workers time off, so come August things would always pick back up. Another reason would be the weather: the long summer days around midsummer are long since gone, and the evenings and nights especially start cooling off in anticipation for fall. 

It might sound a bit negative, but there was always anticipation in the air come August: schools start mid-month, and later on in life it would be time to pick between a plethora of adult education classes (evening hobbies). What kinds of classes you might ask? Oh anything from porcelain painting, cake decorating, carpentry to French conversation classes or accounting 101. I remember my dad a few years ago learned how to build a computer. It's a really nice system of continuing education for all ages. Despite having lived outside the country for so many years now, August still fills me with excitement for what's to come!

Hosting paint parties, I also have to look ahead. I painted pumpkins already in July, and now it's high time for Christmas gnomes and the likes. I just looked through my calendar, and noted that I can count on one hand the number of Saturdays I still have available before the end of the year. I toggle between private parties and events open to the general public, so you might not see all of my events published. 

This is the time to get in touch and get that paint party on my calendar, so you don't miss out. August is a great month for planning ahead for the end of the year. Check out my social media feeds for some fun design ideas, or contact me with your own suggestions and requests. I have new designs coming out all the time!

P.S. Remember my back to school special: your school child (ages 5-17) paints for free with a party of 6 or more before the end of 2022, just by securing the date on the calendar by August 16th! Dates subject to my availabity, per above. Get in touch!

Halloween Eiffel Tower
Halloween in Paris
Cardinal glasses
Cardinal Winter Wonderland

Our new & unique Teen Art Intensive & Counselor In Training Camp explained

Camp dates: June 13-17, 2022. Teen Art Intensive 9 am - 12, Counselor in Training 12.30 - 2.30 pm.
E-mail: [email protected] or call 843-379-1088 to book!


Does anyone else remember Love Boat?

When I was in my teens, Love Boat was on TV (in English, with Swedish subtitles, as I grew up as a Swedish-speaking Finn - but that's another story). As I'm typing this, I'm actually humming the theme song, does anyone else know what I'm talking about?  I thought the whole thing was so amazing, and having loved to travel all my life, I realized that I would REALLY want to have Julie's job in real life. Julie - to jog your memory - she was the cruise director onboard and it just seemed like the most amazing job to me!

Do you remember those career aptitude tests you would take in high school to help determine what you'd like to do when you grow up? Guess what mine showed? Yup. Cruise director. So don't come tell me that those tests can't be skewed based on how you answer those questions - I mean how random was that? 

Eventually I realized that in real world a cruise director really comes from the entertainment world, and I was headed to college so I guess at some point I just gave up on the idea that I could ever be the next 'Julie' on any cruise line. I don't know what prompted me to remember the song or the show, but thinking about it made me realize two things: 

1. There were many aspects of that cruise director job that really (still!) appeal to me: encouraging people, coaching &helping them, seeing new places all the time, trouble-shooting, planning, doing new things all the time, meeting new people all the time! Hey - that actually sounds quite familiar... maybe I should have started doing something like paint parties...?

Oysters at Oakfield Outfitters
Having fun painting Drunken Oysters with an amazing view with a fun group of ladies


2. You can dream of something (or someone) bad enough that even your future seems to steer right in that direction. Wonder how many failed crushes I would have avoided if I had realized that back then...? Maybe I'll just stick to coaching people to be better at art, how's that?


Don't ruffle my feathers

Dont ruffle my feathersI had yet another old canvas with a couple of layers of poorly painted something on it that I was able to reuse to create my feisty little hen. I love the additional texture that makes, something that's not always easy when you paint with acrylics using just water as a mixing medium. I look at this painting, now hanging in our kitchen in time for Easter, and I try to come to terms with the fact that the hen isn't realistic. 

This is my challenge; I need to be OK with NOT painting fine visual art that is intended to hang in a gallery (and preferably bought by someone too!). My art - at this point in my life - is intended to make people happy, and inspire others to want to create too, and have fun doing it. It is actually not as easy as you think to create paintings that can be taught at a paint party in under two hours! But I love this challenge, and I use my little Easter hen as a reminder to myself to have fun - to create fun. 



Thanksgiving weekend musings

A walk downtownA peaceful Saturday morning, that is just turning into afternoon, and I am looking out of the mossy oaks that surround my writing space. I have a lot of different things I could be doing, perhaps should be doing, but right now I choose to take a moment and reflect on things to be thankful for. 

I started this small business with my first painting party as "Create with Camilla" at the beginning of March, and word is slowly, but surely getting out. It feels slow to me, but every time I feel I should speed things up, something happens to slow me down. God's got this. Because every single time what I would have chosen, was not the right thing for that time. I constantly come back to the fact that God's got this. So I rest in that.

Even in this season, when I should - according to every sane business advice - be so booked that I wouldn't have time for much else, I find I do have time.

Family came to town for a week and I got to spend time with them. I had the sweetest day at home with the kids yesterday as they have Thanksgiving break from school. I have been able to make space to meet up with some friends - meetings that were long overdue, and so sweet. I was able to help out a lot at the Children's theatre leading up to fall musical: Beauty and the Beast Jr. I have started on making our Christmas greetings. This is amazing: it's still November. I am right now waiting for photos to upload for a photo book. This actually makes me laugh: I try to make one every year as the kids really enjoy them. But I am still stuck with year 2013 - so you can tell how successful I have been in carving out time for that.

Yes, I have a lot to be thankful for and not just this weekend. I suspect we all do, despite our losses, our pain, our ailments and every other thing that wants to grab space in our lives. God's got this - we don't. 

Flexibility? Oh yes.

Moon Cat
At 6:58 pm: this is what we were supposed to paint.

Last night I did a very unusual "canvas & cabernet" party. The request from the organizers was a Halloween-themed painting. The group was going to paint my "Moon Cat" and we had everything set up for it. On a whim as I left home, I pulled a pumpkin painting down from my wall to bring along for them to see some bigger pumpkins to make it easier for them to get the grooves and other details right etc. As we were getting ready to start, these lovely and bubbly lady friends decided to take a vote. Guess what? They all decided they would much prefer to paint the pumpkins instead. Well, it was National Pumpkin Day after all, so who can blame them for wanting to switch, right?

So... with a commitment from them that they would be happy to paint it all free hand, we switched from black to white canvases, added some paints to the palette, and off we went - pumpkins galore! I am so proud of how well they did, considering that nothing was traced or prepped for them!! These kinds of surprises make my heart glad!

Pumpkin Day Canvas & Cabernet 2021
At 9:15 pm: this is what we had painted!

We were boo'ed - and loved it!

I'll be the first one to admit: Halloween is not my favorite holiday. Far from it, but it's a compromise in our family. I don't have a problem hosting halloween themed painting parties, or accompany our family to some child-friendly trick or treat neighborhood. But I'd be perfectly fine if the holiday just 'magically' disappeared from the calendar. As that's not likely to happen, I try to make the most of the situation. 

Our sweet Boo basket

So last night the doorbell rang in the middle of dinner. While the kids nearly toppled over each other racing to the door, all they saw was the tail end of a blue car pulling away. Left on our porch they found a lovely BOO basket full of goodies! As we unpacked it, I don't know who was more excited: the kids or I?

Something like this feels like cherry picking the fun stuff. And that I can do, without hesitation.
Thank you anonymous Lady of the Lowcountry for our basket!

Pumpkins: make space for the Porch Leaners!

Fall Porch LeanersDrumroll, please. Camilla's Porch Leaners are HERE! It's been a couple of weeks in the making, and SO much fun to try something new. For the past two years, I have painted pumpkins to adorn the wonderful Lowcountry porches. I loved doing it, and getting creative in my designs. However, real pumpkins do have an expiration date - and people were sad that what I had created for them wouldn't last from year to year. If you're interested in seeing some of my original designs from years past, you can visit my Instagram page:

So... in addition to 'traditional' Create with Camilla canvas painting parties, I am now very happy to offer Porch Leaner Painting Parties within reasonable driving distance from Beaufort, SC! With some of the designs you can get as creative as you like, and with others it's easy to lean heavily (or solely) on stenciling, and still end up with something very unique! I use only wood boards, and my stencils are high-quality mylar, and some of the best I have seen. And of course, I am with you every step of the way. 

The best part? I can offer Porch Leaner Painting Parties to groups as small as 4 people, so get in touch with a few of your friends and let's get creative together!

Note: these Fall designs will only be available until October 15th, 2021. 

This thing about 50

Camilla 50
Happy Birthday to me

It didn't really sneak up on me. I think most people would be lying if they said their 50th birthday just snuck up on them. But it didn't really impact me the same way that my 30th did. I can laugh at it now, but I had a serious crisis for close to two years about getting old and frumpy. I ditched all my pearls, moved to England, flew to Finland to throw myself a big birthday party in Helsinki, and that was that. 

For my 40th I was knee-deep in raising a toddler and pregnant with number two, so I didn't really have the time to feel that I was getting old. Besides, we were living in Tuscany, Italy, so I didn't quite have the feeling of not having accomplished what I wanted.

As always, the days leading up to the big day are a bit... stressful. Not because of a big party (this isn't Finland, so that didn't happen), but more because I felt the pressure of really enjoying my last days as a 40-something-year-old. The morning of my birthday, I - once again - realize the futility in that, and sigh with relief at being at the very beginning of a new decade. No more stressing about things like that for another 9 years. Yay! Now that's worth celebrating!